I listen to a lot of music while I draw. On this page I share my favourites. Mostly metal, rock and occasionally something classic or jazz…

  • Mayan – Burn your Witches

    Mayan – Burn your Witches

    Sympho-death metal this is. I guess. Not sure actually, because there are many crossover-genres in this area of heavy metal.

    Anyway, this is the kind of music that people, who say that they listen to any kind of music, actually don’t want to listen to! Paradox!

    Many people think these genres deal only with death, destruction, satanism and efficient tax gathering, but mostly, you should not take the lyrics too literal: the witches that should be burnt in this song, are the internal demons one deals with…

    This is a great live recording, starring a.o. Marcela Bovio with this simple but so efficient intervention at 2:50 :-).

  • Billy Talent – Fallen Leaves

    Billy Talent – Fallen Leaves

    Great song from these Canadian rockers. I don’t know what the genre is exactly. According to Dutch Wikipedia, they’re punk. According to the English Wikipedia, they play rock. So I guess it’s something between. Maybe punkrock?

    They’re the typical music I listen to on YouTube, but just before Covid, I found their Greatest Hits in a record shop in Cologne (Köln, Germany). Me happy.

    Anyway, this is the kind of music that gives me lots of energy. No Redbull for me, I listen to great music :-).

  • Ayreon – The two gates

    Ayreon – The two gates

    A favourite of me: the Dutch progressive rock/metal project Ayreon. This is a video from their (rare) live appearances (with lots of guest musicians) in 2017. Those musicians are presented somewhere in the middle of the video by the way.

    I’m especially fond of the combination of guitars and female vocal harmonies. Enjoy!