Some of the artists that I follow…

Jan Bosschaert

Great artist excelling in both model drawing as cosy fantasy drawings. Draws comics, book illustrations,…

Steven Dupré

Great black and white work. I especially like his rendering of nature and animals, creating a special atmosphere…

Beatrice Tillier

Direct colour with watercolors. Very subtle effects with big emotional power.

François Walthéry

The creator of Natasja, air stewardess. One of those artists whose art works with and without colours.

Yves Chaland

Started out as a pastiche of 50’s and 60’s Belgian comics but evolved into his own style before dying way too young.

Wylie Beckert

Creator of amongst others card decks, with a very distinctive style (reminds me of marble statues). Creates card decks as well.

Martine Van Audenhove

Creator of fantastic watercolors, organizer of model drawing sessions and all-round nice personality and Instagram